SAG Awards 2013 Best Speeches: Jennifer Lawrence, Tina Fey, and Bryan Cranston 

ALTIf all of the acceptance speeches as the various awards shows leading up to the Oscars are just practice for The Big Speech at The Big Dance, then Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence are more than prepared for February 24. Both the Silver Linings Playbook star (who did not have a wardrobe malfunction, thank you very much, that’s just the way the dress was designed) and the Argo leading man/director, who are now bona fide Oscar frontrunners, gave two of the best speeches during Sunday night’sScreen Actors Guild Awards.

Lawrence, who won in the Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Leading Role category, not only got a boost in the Best Actress race by getting the award over Zero Dark Thirty‘s Jessica Chastain, but by giving yet another charming speech. The 22-year-old revealed that she earned her SAG card by appearing in a promo for MTV’s horror show My Super Sweet 16. While most actresses would do everything in their power to hide that fact, Lawrence proudly talked about the small thing that opened a big door for her. But it wasn’t Lawrence’s nod to the MTV reality show that made hers the best speech of the night, but her thanking director David O. Russell and how he made Silver Linings Playbook for his bipolar son, but in the process he helped “so many sons and daughters, husbands, wives” in feeling less alone. Watch her super sweet speech below:

Affleck has been no slouch in the speech department, either. While he won’t get to make one for Best Director at the Oscars, his film Argo could very well win Best Picture at this point and the humble, good-natured Affleck may get to take the stage for that. He may have just helped the film’s chances even more after he gave a rousing, pro-Hollywood (sort of like his film) acceptance speech at the SAG awards when he and his cast mates won Outstanding Ensemble. Adding to the “aww” factor, he thanked his wife Jennifer Garner and their kids, whom he said he loves even more than Argo‘s studio Warner Bros. Watch:

Don’t go Liz Lemon! Tina Fey‘s gracious, hilarious speech when she won Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Comedy Series at this year’s SAG awards only made 30 Rock‘s impending exit from television this week that much more bittersweet. From her shout-out to her dear friend (and perennial snub) Amy Poehler to her plea to TV viewers to watch the 30 Rock series finale live on Thursday and DVR The Big Bang Theory, Fey reminded us why she’s one of the most beloved women in the history of television. Enjoy:

Sorry Don Draper and Nicholas Brody, you just can’t mess with Heisenberg. Bryan Cranston proved once again that while he plays one of the most terrifying people on television, he’s anything but in real life. The Breaking Bad star (who also won with the Argo ensemble), who won for Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Drama Series and like Fey, is getting to enjoy the perks of a final season, gave a funny (“Tonight, at least, I am well-endowed” he joked, looking at the nude trophy) and sincere speech. Check it out:

Dick Van Dyke was not only adorable and gracious, but he even gave a shout-out to his infamously terrible cockney accent from Mary Poppins. Three cheers, old chum! You are more than deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Watch it here: