Sam Worthington’s Production Company Signs With NBC Universal

Sam Worthington Wearing Awesome SunglassesSam Worthington just discovered television.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor’s production company, known as Full Clip Productions, has signed its “debut development and first-look TV deal” with NBC Universal International. And it appears that the company — founded by Worthington, John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz last year — will focus their development on original content and spin-off programming, based on graphic novels. Its first graphic novel, titled Damages, releases this summer.

“Telling compelling, exciting stories through characters we feel a deep connection with is what I love about my industry. We have a great opportunity to develop these stories with NBC Universal International.” Worthington said, going on to finish, making the most obvious statement ever, “Television is a terrific medium to captivate an audience.”

Indeed, Mr. Worthington. Indeed.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter