Comedian Sara Schaefer On Her Love of ‘The Bachelorette’ and Why Ben’s Season Was the Best Ever

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Sometimes, the only appropriate reaction to ABC’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is laughter. Which is why for the latest season of The Bachelorette — starring Desiree Hartsock, whose heart Sean Lowe broke on his season of The Bachelor — we turned to comedian Sara Schaefer to get us through it. 

Schaefer, who hosts MTV’s late night show Nikki & Sara Live and won two Emmy awards for her work as the Head Blogger for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, knows funny. And she will be blogging about The Bachelorette for all season long. To ease us back into the drama-filled “journey” before Desiree’s season begins on Monday, May 27, we spoke to Schaefer about her love of the franchise and her all-time favorite moments. Why do you still watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette after all these years?
Sara Schaefer: This show, to me, is one of the most hilarious shows on television. I love watching a new set of crazy people play this game we’ve all become so familiar with — the roses, the helicopter rides, the word “journey.” I love deconstructing it and analyzing it each season.

What annoys you the most about The Bachelor/Bachelorette?
Not much really, because the more cheesy and over-the-top it gets, the more I love it. But, I will say, sometimes it feels SO constructed and so fake that I’d love it if a cast member revolted and said what we’re all thinking (and it wasn’t edited out). It would be glorious.

Who is your favorite Bachelor or Bachelorette and why? And least favorite?
Favorite Bachelor: Ben [Flajnik]. HEAR ME OUT. I would not date this guy in a million years. But his season was my favorite because Courtney was HILARIOUS. I mean, the feelings of rage this woman was able to conjure up in me. The best.

Favorite Bachelorette: Ali [Fedotowsky]. What an incredible season. That guy on crutches? That guy Kasey with the weird voice who got the tattoo? And didn’t she fly away in a helicopter and leave him on the side of a snowy mountain? It was a great season.

What is you fondest moment from The Bachelor/Bachelorette?
I really have to give it to Tierra from the past season, when she said she can’t control her eyebrow. Classic.

What’s the moment that had you yelling at your screen?
When Ashley rejected Ben, I was laugh-yelling at the screen. I’ve always wanted the rejected person at the final rose ceremony to go nuts and body-slam the Bachelor/Bachelorette into whatever tropical body of water they’re standing next to.

What are your favorite Bachelor clichés?
The words "journey" and "vulnerable." And also the candle-scaping. And about 2,000 other things.

What do you wish the Bachelors/Bachelorettes would do more of?
Bring back old crazy contestants to try and dust things up a bit. Get Courtney in there, or Bentley!

Thoughts on Desiree being The Bachelorette?
She's cute. I liked her in the last season. I also HIGHLY enjoyed her brother being probably the most honest anyone has ever been on the show. I'd love to see more of that this season.

Best advice for someone going on The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

Is there a celeb you'd love to see be the next Bachelor/Bachelorette?
Taylor Swift would be AMAAAAZING. And George Clooney.

Tune into The Bachelorette every Monday night at 8/7c on ABC and check on Tuesdays for Sara Schaefer's reactions to the madness. 

Sara Schaefer is a critically acclaimed stand up comedian, writer, and producer based in New York City. She is the co-host of MTV’s late night show Nikki & Sara Live. She won two Emmy awards for her work as the Head Blogger for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and has written for and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Sara has appeared on Comedy Central, Late Night with Jimmy FallonBest Week Ever, FX, E!, Fuse, and AOL. She also has a popular podcast You Had To Be There with her MTV co-host Nikki Glaser.

Follow Sara on Twitter @saraschaefer1 

Reporting By Lindsey DiMattina

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