Sarah Palin Defeats Katie Couric in Ratings War

Sarah PalinThe Today Show has finally proved that people don’t just love watching actresses pretend to be Sarah Palin, they actually love watching the real Sarah Palin as well. Yesterday, April 3, the former vice presidential candidate played guest co-host on the NBC daytime series. Meanwhile, former Today correspondent Katie Couric also played guest host — on Today‘s ABC rival Good Morning America. The ratings are in: Palin’s Today appearance beat Couric’s GMA gig 5.5 million to 5.1 million.

Additionally, Palin’s appearance afforded Today an 8% ratings hike from the broadcast one day prior. Adding to the heat of the Today vs. GMA ratings war, viewers should recall Couric’s famous 2008 interviews of then potential VP Palin, who did not come off looking too well. Although she might not have a political victory under her belt, Palin is definitively able to pull in viewers. But ratings don’t mean everything; check out this review of both episodes, determining who was truly the superior guest host.


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