Sarah Palin Holds Halibut Heart On ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

Last night’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska was significantly better than the first episode for a variety of reasons, even though it gained neither plot nor purpose. The first reason was because we watched Sarah and Todd drop of their youngest son Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome, off with Sarah’s parents before they went on their “family” trip. They blatantly ousted him from the excursion, and it’s impossible to argue that they left him because he was just a baby and the diapers and strollers and pacifiers wouldn’t have had a place to go in the RV, because Bristol brought her son, Tripp, along. Sarah clearly favors Tripp over Trig, and even though the next few episodes of the show will have Sarah trying to deal with her son’s special needs, it was shocking to watch her exclude her own son from a family outing and continue to declare its importance after she’d left him behind.

The second reason it was worth watching was because Sarah and Bristol bonded over “stunning” halibuts and gutting them. Apparently, once you catch a halibut, you have to knock it with a bat in between the eyes so it stops flapping around and bruising its own meat, OR before it flaps around and really hurts someone with its tail fin that’s as thick as a Berenstain Bears book. When they were learning to gut the fish, Sarah excised one halbut’s heart and held it in the palm of her hand while it continued to beat. The internet  doesn’t think Sarah holding a heart in her hand (that’s still beating even though it’s separated from its body) is a big deal, and it’s a shame that literary symbolism studies have taken such a turn for the worst.

The bonding continued when Bristol, Sarah and Todd went skeet shooting, and Bristol told her mom to take her prom hair and get out of her face. We also learned the very shooting range they went to was the very same shooting range where Sarah had one of her five baby showers.

And then, we saw Sarah just not liking heights, being cocky, and complaining how she didn’t know how to keep her feet under her body.

All in all, a gigantic improvement over last week’s episode. Maybe next week we’ll learn why Willow Palin’s throwing around the gay slurs, yeah?