Sarah Palin’s ‘Today’ Backlash: Jon Stewart Bashes the Guest Host

Jon StewartPrepare your pitchforks or searing hot iron slippers or [insert form of medieval justice here], because Jon Stewart is riling people up about Sarah Palin’s recent “lame stream media” infiltration. He ranted about Palin’s recent “battle” against the liberal media on his Comedy Central faux-news show on April 3.

The crime? Palin’s nonstop attempt to make the Today Show a real news show she was tasked with the duty of taking down, one Tori Spelling interview at a time. Palin tweeted she was “gonna go rogue and infiltrate” the Today Show, but Stewart isn’t about to let her claim victory. 
Stewart points out that she was essentially inserting her manufactured political persona into situations where it just didn’t belong. To the pop-culture news question “What do you think of Oprah?” Palin answered with the cookie-cutter, practically trademark-worthy response she gives to everything: Oprah was exercising her rights as an American.  
“You’re pretending this whole appearance is some uncommonly ballsy way of sticking it to the lame stream media. It’s just another place for you to tout your homespun nonsense unchallenged,” he said. Them’s fighting words, J. Stew. 
Whether or not you agree with Stewart’s statements, let’s just agree to agree that there are many ways of looking at this. There’s Palin’s conservative crusade. Stewart’s notion that it’s all just a big joke. And then there’s also the way we took it: an opportunity to pit GMA guest host Katie Couric against her old rival, Palin, in an unfair competition concocted purely for our own enjoyment


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