Sarah Silverman May Come Back to TV

Sarah SilvermanI’ve never been the biggest Sarah Silverman fan, so imagine my joy when the news dropped that she’s got a script deal with Imagine Television, a company that works exclusively with 20th Century Fox Television. She’s penning a script for a new show alongside two folks from The Sarah Silverman Program, writer/producer Jon Schroeder and showrunner Dan Sterling. Silverman will star in the show and Sterling will pick up showrunning duties again, should the script make it to pilot. Great.

Silverman’s immature, irresponsible, unaware, girlish persona was interesting when she first started out, but it’s failed to evolve. She’s dwindling into running gag territory instead of improving her comedy. Maybe she’ll prove me wrong and deliver something surprising and refreshing, though she’s back together with the same folks she had on her show (minus Dan Harmon, who thankfully now helms his own fantastic show, Community), so I doubt it will stray far from her last TV romp.

Source: THR