‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo: Ben Affleck Makes Bill Hader Lose His S**t

Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

One of the great joys of watching Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live over the past few years is witnessing the seasoned pro lose his s**t during certain segments. (SNL writer John Mulaney was the best at making that happen). While there’s a pretty solid chance we’ll see Stefon’s giggly swan song this weekend (this episode will, sadly, mark Hader’s last at SNL), someone already has Hader in stitches: host Ben Affleck.

Don’t be so surprised, the Oscar-winning actor/director is a seriously hilarious dude. If his turns in Kevin Smith’s movies weren’t proof enough, the Argo star is joining the elite five-timers club thanks to his solid turns on SNL (I’m just sad Mango isn’t around anymore for his return). 

Affleck and Hader have awesome chemistry in the new promo for this weekend’s season finale episode (which features Kanye West as the musical guest, so you better believe this will be a can’t-miss hour-and-a-half of television). Trust me, you Argo-ing to laugh. Benny Boy and his fake beard will host the season finale of SNL this Saturday at 11:30 PM/ET on NBC. 

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