‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: Fast Forwarding with Jamie Foxx

ALTNo one watches on Saturday Night Live live on Saturday night anymore. They should call it Hungover Sunday Morning Recorded because anyone who has a social life and doesn’t like to have their time wasted by unfunny sketches and too many commercials watches it like that. It’s so much easier when the show is on the DVR and you can just fast forwards through all the boring bits. (The even smarter types wait for the one good sketch to go viral and just watch it on Facebook sometime at their leisure and don’t mess with all the comedic chaff.) So, in the spirit of how we all watch SNL (or HSMR0 these days, I recorded just how long into each sketch I got until getting out the remote and zipping on to the next sketch. Jamie Foxx, a man as overrated as butterscotch candies, hosted, which probably sped up my trigger finger about a django times (django is Jamie Foxx for “jillion”).

Obama and Boehner Discuss Fiscal Cliff: 3 mins.

When I Bailed: After Boehner said the Republicans pushed him into the washroom. I get it, he’s being bullied like he is in high school.

Times I Laughed: 0

Monologue: 3 mins.

When I Bailed: The twelfth “How black is that.” When Jamie Foxx sat down at the piano, I knew I made the right choice.

Times I Laughed: 0

Bitch, What’s the Answer?: 3 mins.

When I Bailed: “Where is Jupiter?”

Times I Laughed: 0

J-Pop American Fun Time Now: 2 mins.

When I Bailed: The Japwanza tree.

Times I Laughed: 0

Fake Tyler Perry Trailer: 2 mins.

When I Bailed: “Bust a cap in his ass.”

Times I Laughed: 0 (but I support everything making fun of Tyler Perry)

Ne-Yo: 0 mins.

When I Bailed: I didn’t even start.

Times I Laughed: 0

Weekend Update: 6 mins.

When I Bailed: After sitting through Mrs. Claus and realizing there would be no Stefan this week.

Times I Laughed: 0

Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney: All the way through!

When I Bailed: They almost lost me after the gay Rupert Everett joke, but I stuck it out. Congrats, one good sketch of the night.

Times I Laughed: 0

Mark Banks: Tree Pimp: 30 seconds.

When I Bailed: There was a Kenny G horn, did you expect me to stay?

Times I Laughed: 0

Maine Justice: 1 min.

When I Bailed: Don’t disparage the great state of Maine.

Times I Laughed: 0

Ne-Yo Part 2: 0 mins.

When I Bailed: I don’t break for fedoras.

Times I Laughed: 0

We’re Not Porn Stars Anymore: 1 min.

When I Bailed: Is there any easier target that porn stars?

Times I Laughed: 0

Time It Took to Watch All of ‘SNL’ on Fast Forward: 36 minutes

Times I Laughed: 0

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[Photo Credit: NBC]


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