‘Saturday Night Live’: Will Kristen Wiig’s Return to ‘SNL’ Feel Just Like Old Times?

Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

What if you had a time machine but only wanted to use it to go back a year or so ago? Like, to the heady times when Kristen Wiig was still on Saturday Night Live, before this incredibly disappointing season? Well, you’re about to be in luck, because tonight Wiig once again commands the stage at 30 Rock’s Studio 8H, not as a part of the ensemble, but as SNL‘s host!

That’s right, gang! Wiig, who became a one-woman comedy empire after the massive success of Bridesmaids, left SNL just a year ago. It seemed like we’d never get to see Dooneese, Gilly, the Target Lady, or Kathie Lee Gifford again. But odds are that we will tonight. Wiig is arguably the most successful alumna of Lorne Michaels’ show since the heyday of Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, and Will Ferrell, and if done well tonight, her return to the stage could be the most noteworthy SNL reunion since Fey returned in 2008 to play Sarah Palin.

Personally, I’m hoping we’ll see more of her Kathie Lee Gifford, since the fourth hour of the Today show has become only more like its SNL parody since Wiig left. Altogether now! “We’ve got a Ho-down!”

Sorry, Hoda Kotb.

Will you be watching tonight? And what characters do you hope Wiig will revive? And could musical guests Vampire Weekend be any more overshadowed by their host?

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