‘Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday’: Round 2 


Last week’s Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday featured visits from none other than Bill Hader‘s wonderfully demented take on James Carville, impressive newbie Kate McKinnon‘s waving, Beyoncé-loving Ann Romney, and — because no party would be complete without him — Drunk Uncle. So who will show up alongside host Seth Meyers on tonight’s second edition of the weeknight special? My personal hope: Stefon. Always Stefon. His political commentary would have everything. 

No matter who pops up at the Weekend Update desk tonight, the political world has given SNL a wealth of comedy riches over the past week. From GOP candidate Mitt Romney‘s confusion about the function of airplane windows to Samuel L. Jackson‘s f**king message for President Barack Obama (not about snakes), it’s wise Meyers and co. opted to do two of these Thursday editions. Not only because they have to compete with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but because the next new episode of SNL doesn’t air until October 6. With the election getting closer and closer, they too have got to stay in the race. Plus, there’s always the vain hope of a Stefon appearance. 
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday airs tonight on NBC at 8 PM ET. Until then, check out what Meyers had to say about what’s in store for tonight’s episode and why Romney and Obama have to stop by Studio 8H before the election.

  [Photo credit: NBC] 


‘Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday’: Let’s Get Political!