Savannah Guthrie Officially In as ‘Today’ Host: 4 Things She Can Learn from Ann Curry

savannah guthrieIt’s official, folks: Savannah Guthrie has been named Matt Lauer’s co-host on Today. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the announcement will come sometime today via press release from NBC News — just one day after Curry bid a tearful farewell to her fans and co-workers in a highly emotional segment on Thursday’s show.

Today fans may have expected this would happen given that just hours ago Guthrie finished co-hosting the show with Lauer by her side. And while Guthrie is sure to bring her own personal flair into the morning segment, there are a few things she should take away from Curry’s time on the air.

We just happen to have a few suggestions….

Don’t Be Afraid To Spice Things Up

Heh. Curry. Get it? Anyway, throughout Curry’s time on the Today show, viewers tended to find the journalist’s reporting methods bland and cold. The missing ingredient? Humor! Obviously, serious news stories are their own scenario, but it would’ve been nice to see her let loose a little on some of the more relaxed topics. Is it wrong to suggest she take a page from Good Day New York’s Greg Kelly? (Then we don’t want to be right.)

Always Dress To Impress

While Curry may not have been the most dynamic news anchor, she definitely donned dynamo daywear. Note to Guthrie: Find out where Ms. Curry does all her shopping and take a page out of her rather fashionable book.

Humility Goes a Long Way

It’s going to be a hard adjustment for Curry fans to watch her get booted from the show, so it would be a smart move on Guthrie’s part to be as humble about the transition as possible. In fact, for her first day she might want to say something nice about the woman she replaced. It’s all about first impressions, people!

Assemble a Massive Twitter Following

Just in case a similar situation ever happens to Guthrie, she may find it useful to have a substantial amount of Twitter followers by her side. Curry’s followers have shown overwhelming support during this trying time, contributing to her nearly 1.2 million fan mark. Guthrie only has a little over 64 thousand, so she might want to become a little more social media savy before taking up the anchor reigns. Every tweet counts!

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