Other ‘Saved By The Bell’ Scenes Elizabeth Berkley Could Use As Inspiration For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Elizabeth BerkleyNBC

Elizabeth Berkley and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy produced arguably the greatest moment in Dancing With The Stars history this week when they recreated the unintentionally hilarious ‘caffeine pill breakdown’ scene from Saved By The Bell to kick-start their jive routine to The Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited.” Now that the former Jessie Spano has made it through to the sixth week, here’s a look at five other musical moments from the classic teen sitcom that she could also use as inspiration.

“Go For It!”

Also featuring in the classic ‘Jessie’s Song’ episode, this brilliantly ridiculous set-up saw a spandex-wearing Jessie, Kelly and Lisa throw themselves into an aerobics workout while shooting the video to an insanely catchy slice of Tiffany-esque pop under the guise of Hot Sundae. As the faithful recreation above shows, nothing sums up the early ’90s quite like it.

“Friends Forever”

For some reason, Berkley was the only main cast member not to feature in arguably the greatest SBTB episode of all time, the Zack Attack mockumentary. A perfectly-choreographed routine to the cheesefest that is “Friends Forever,” therefore, would be the perfect opportunity to make amends.

“How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?”

However, Jessie did appear as a member of Zack Attack in one of season three’s earlier episodes when she and Slater provided the musical backdrop to Zack & Kelly’s break-up by belting out Michael Bolton’s signature power ballad.

“Make My Day”

Just minutes before all the emotional carnage of the above, Jessie also got the chance to take centre stage when dressed as Cleopatra, she fronted the California Dreams prototype, “Make My Day.”

“Don’t Leave With Your Love”

Performed by the fictional Bo Revere, “Don’t Leave With Your Love” was the song which Zack planted subliminal messages into so that Kelly would go to the school dance with him instead of Slater. Perhaps Berkley could use the same trick on the viewing public to coast to victory.