Is ‘Scandal’ Way Too Dramatic for Its Own Good?


Okay, Scandal Gladiators. Just calm down for a second here. We too love ABC’s Scandal. We too want to dress like Olivia Pope, and love Huck, and fluctuate between Team Jake and Team Fitz. But it doesn’t mean we can’t get a little critical sometimes!

Scandal is another brilliant creation from the mind of the great Shonda Rhimes, but we’re starting to think things are getting to be a bit much on the show. Olivia’s almost-about-to-cry face is turning into a meme and this recent Saturday Night Live parody was so on point, it was awkward for a Gladiator:

Wasn’t this just a little too accurate? With all the dead moms coming back and secret dads being exposed and affairs on top of affairs, is it all getting too unbelievable to be taken seriously?