SDCC 2011: ‘True Blood’ Cast Brings Q&A to Comic-Con


True BloodThe cast of True Blood stopped by the San Diego convention center Friday to share a bit(e) about the Golden Globe-nominated HBO series’ fourth season. The program blends the motifs of horror and romance in the wildly popular and allegorical adventures of Sookie Stackhouse, a “part-faerie” bequeathed with surplus of vampire company.

A Q&A session moderated by Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack featured Ryan Kwanten,, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Joe Manganiello, and Kevin Alejandro and more!

But first, the footage: A new season trailer previewed footage that included Bill trying to convince Sookie not to have sex with Eric, and then more clips of Sookie and Eric having sex. There was also some footage of Jessica getting naughty with…Jason? And Hoyt confronting her about the infidelity he knows is in her heart. Also, it looks like Marni is going to get a lot more powerful as we see her floating in the air during a ritual with fellow witches, and she’ll do serious battle with the vamps as she apparently wishes they will all “meet the sun.” Also, Sam looks like he’ll have a deadly final confrontation with his leaching younger brother and Lafayette puts his hair down!

The cast was incredibly loose and casual as they discussed their characters and the story of the season. Alan Ball was tight lipped on much of the plot points, but did reveal that the vampires would stick together in the face of the threats they face this season, so even though Eric and Sookie will end up in bed together we’re assuming that Bill will not do battle with him. However, he did reveal a lot about what when can expect from season 5. Speaking of Sookie and Eric, they will take a “weird, dirty” shower together, which should excite all fans of the show. Also, and this should please many longtime fans of the show, we will finally get to see how Eric made Pam. Though this bit didn’t have a particular time frame regarding when it would air, Ball said that “nothing is ever done on this show” when asked about whether the romance between Sam and Tara is kaput. Finally, the creator said that “Spirits without bodies, which may or may not be ghosts, freakish demons and more unusual supernatural creatures never seen before” will enter the show’s complex universe next year.

Stay tuned for updates including quotes from the cast in a bit!

Season Four of True Blood airs Sunday nights on HBO.