Sebastian Back On ‘Glee’: What Does That Mean For Blaine and the New Directions?


ALTHe threw a rock-salt slushie into Blaine’s (Darren Criss) eyes. He openly challenged Kurt (Chris Colfer) for Blaine’s heart. He killed it in a “Smooth Criminal” sing-off with Santana (Naya Rivera). And just when we thought he was out of the Glee picture for good, he comes swooping back in – and his motives may still be the same.

In other words, Sebastian is coming back to Glee! Grant Gustin is reprising his role as the catty openly-gay Dalton Academy Warbler for multiple episodes beginning next month. His timing could not be more perfect: now that Blaine cheated on Kurt, leading to their breakup (?), these two might have a chance to harmonize get together.

And rumor has it Sebastian may want Blaine for more than just some sweet lovin’. Apparently, the Warblers want Blaine back in their group for good! They know their best shot at winning nationals is with Blaine, and Blaine has already voiced that he’s missing his old school…

Will the New Directions soon be finding themselves without their New Rachel? If so, who will be the New New Rachel?

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