Secrets of the ‘Bachelor’ Proposal (Spoilers!)

courtney robertsonWith The Bachelor finale less than two weeks away, the internet is swarming with theories as to which girl Bachelor Ben Flajnik will ask to be his wife. And while nothing can be certain until the episode actually airs on March 12, it’s definitely fun to speculate.

Several media outlets have reported that bad girl Courtney Robertson is the one Ben proposes to; a decision that we’ve already discussed could have negative consequences for the series. However, the newest issue of Us Weekly reports that not only did Ben choose Courtney, but he’s already cheated on her as well. The magazine obtained photos of the 29-year-old winemaker partying, flirting, and kissing three different women (all of whom were not Courtney) in San Francisco only two weekends ago.

February 29, 2012: Courtney Robertson shops for a

wedding dress at Mark Zunino in Beverly Hills, CA

                          (Photo credit: INF)

Ironically, the story was published the same day Courtney was spotted trying on wedding dresses at the Mark Zunino bridal dress shop, making it all the more suspicious that she is indeed the last bachelorette left standing.

The following day Us spoke with an insider, who claimed Ms. Robertson’s little bridal stunt was done “for attention,” which certainly seems right up Courtney’s alley. The source also revealed that in the aftermath of his alleged cheating, Ben’s now “reaching out to Courtney” and “trying to make it work.”

InTouch, however, is reporting a completely different story, saying that Ben’s relationship with “the winner” only lasted for 2 weeks once the show started airing. According to the magazine’s insider, “That was when Ben saw her for what she really was.”

And although they don’t come out and say specially who “she” is, it’s mostly likely Courtney, considering the two of them “definitely slept together” in the Fantasy Suite, according to a source. (It wouldn’t be the first time Courtney used her body to get an edge on the competition).

Additionally, InTouch claims Ben is currently trying to make things work with the rejected runner-up (Lindzi?), now that his No. 1 pick didn’t work out. You know, because that wouldn’t be awkward at all.

So what can we take from all this? It’s hard to say what’s true and what’s not from all these different reports, however, one underlying theme remains constant: there’s definitely trouble in paradise.

Source: Us, InTouch (print)