See Clips from Steve Harvey’s ‘Funderdome’ Show

Once an inventor has perfected their product comes the hard part. Selling it.

Selling it. Some of the best products never see the light of day not because the product is lacking but because of funding and people just not knowing about it. Things like Kickstarter can help, but ABC hopes that ‘Funderdome’ can be another answer.


In this first clip host, Steve Harvey goes into what will happen in the Funderdome with a quick preview of the crazy things the people will say.


In this second clip, Harvey explains what goes into the show, and how that the studio audience are the final judge.


Steve Harvey does his normal friendly banter with the inventors, and Steve is nervous with the inventor of the V-Smart Bar and her products.


The inventor of the Soarigami is excited to be there and wants to get her audience excited too. She’s at an 11, and Steve needs her down to like an 7 in the above clip.


At the end of the day, it’s all about the product and what the audience thinks of it. In the above clip see what it’s like when Brik Tile takes on the Hang-O-Matic. We’ll see what happens when Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME airs starting June 11, 2017, and continuing Sundays at 8 on ABC.