See The Trailers For All The Newest NBC Shows

It’s the time of the year that struggling shows always despise.

The upfronts are upon us, and it’s the studios time to say what’s coming up for Fall 2018/Spring 2019. NBC had a series of canceled shows including Taken, Great News, The Brave, and Rise. With these shows, new shows must come. It was already announced that they would be taking Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Fox (after a rush of fan outpour) but what else would come to the network? The network announced three new shows, and we have the series trailers for you.

I Feel Bad

Emet is a mom, but she’s not like her mom, yet. She struggles to raise her family, adapts to working in the tech field with much younger co-workers, and be a loving wife.



After a problem aboard a flight, a plane lands and the passengers find out that 5 years have passed. The passengers must figure out how to deal with the lives that passed them.


New Amsterdam 

Inspidered by Bellevue the oldest hospital in America, New Amsterdam has a new medical director in Dr. Max Goodwin whose there to change the hospital to be more about helping people and less about money.