‘Sesame Street’ Nails ‘Glee’ With New Parody

Yesterday, a video sprouted from the felt-heavy community of Sesame Street to grace the Internet. Unfortunately, for whatever reason (the Internet works in mysterious ways), it was taken down shortly after. But now it’s back. And it’s one of the most accurate parodies the educational series has set forth in a while: a parody of Glee.

Sesame Street used Fox’s whirlwind series to embrace the episode’s theme of the letter “G.” The skit actually captures a lot of the characters really closely; fan favorites like Rachel (Lea Michele), Finn (Cory Monteith), Mercedes (Amber Riley), Kurt (Chris Colfer), Artie (Kevin McHale), Brittany (Heather Morris), Quinn(Dianna Agron), Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) and Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) are not free from lampoonery. Rachel’s obsession with the spotlight, Mercedes’ incurable attitude and Brittany’s flighty whisper are all mimicked in an affectionate yet funny way. In fact, the puppeteers even got Sue’s high-energy mannerisms down to an eerily specific tee. But for all fans of Glee, or of Sesame Street, or of the letter “G,” this is an entertaining watch.


Source: TVLine