Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Flintstones’ Reboot on Hold (At Least There’s ‘Ted’)

Seth MacfarlaneRyan Seacrest, you win. You are the hardest working man in show business and even Seth MacFarlane can’t keep up. Maybe MacFarlane is being weighed down by all those character voices, but he’s all booked up and his reboot of the classic cartoon The Flintstones is taking a seat on the back burner. 

It’s just a shame MacFarlane’s passion project is the one paying the price. He’s famously admitted that the first cartoon character he ever drew was Fred Flintstone, so when he nabbed the rights to re-do the series his way for release in 2013, it had to have been a happy day even Stewie could smile about. Unfortunately, when you’ve got four shows (American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and a docu-series about the Cosmos), a music career, and a movie about a salty sailor of a living teddy bear (Ted) in the works, it’s just hard to find the time for a reboot of a classically beloved cartoon sitcom from the ’60s. It’s not exactly an activity you can slot in between breakfast and the first of your five jobs. 
Oh well. We’ll just have to wait to know what Peter Griffin would look like riding a purple dinosaur with baby Stewie flying over his shoulder in a little green helmet. At least we can postpone having to hear him try to make “Hello Dum Dums” work… for once. 
Can you live without a Flintstones reboot or are MacFarlane cartoons your life-blood?