Sharing the Love (and Hate) of Your Favorite ‘Downton Abbey’ Characters

ALTDownton Abbey, a Jane Austen novel that has seen one too many episodes of General Hospital, has more characters than the Queen of England has corgis. When the show returns for Season 3 on PBS this Sunday, how do you keep them all straight? Well, by the ones that we love and the ones that we hate. I passed judgement on all 16 of the show’s major characters so you’ll know just how to feel about the lords and ladies, maids and valets this weekend. You’re welcome, m’lady.



ALTCarson: Carson never has enough staff and what staff he does have always seems to be getting into some sort of trouble. No matter how often he apologizes for something someone did, they all still trust him and expect him to give the sage advice of the common man. It is often wrong. Also, he has a creepy fixation on Lady Mary that might land him in prison one day.