Sheen Will Return To ‘Two and Half Men’ at the End of the Month

Charlie SheenAlthough fans of the show have been wrestling with the recent announcement that they’d have to wait until March for their favorite belligerent TV character to get back to running amok on the set of Two and a Half Men, his rep just announced that Charlie Sheen plans to return to work at the end of February. That’s right; it’s the shortest month of the year and we’re already three days in. This is good news, anxious Two and Half Men fans! Go celebrate; break a priceless chandelier, lock someone in the closet, and call some hookers because the drought has an end in sight.

Sheen released a statement about this incident, and while he apologized and thanked his fans, he still managed to compare himself to one of the greats. “Like Errol Flynn, who had to be put down his sword on occasion, I just want to say, ‘thank-you,'”said Sheen. Right. Just because you both led destructive personal lives doesn’t mean you’re on that level. Sorry, dude.

Even with his early return, CBS looks to take a $250 million bath and many of those folks who work on the crew for the show will likely have to go without pay for the month that production is at a stand-still. Yet, the other stars of the show will still get their paychecks. Yeah, that sounds fair. Hopefully, Sheen’s at-home rehab plan will work so he won’t continue to cost other people their hard earned money.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, The New York Daily News