The Best of the Internet’s ‘Waiting for ‘Sherlock” Memes

Sherlock, Season 3BBC

It’s been ages since we’ve had new episodes of Sherlock, and the natives are restless. While other fandoms go semi-dormant in long hiatuses, it seems that cheekbone starvation only makes the Sherlockians grow stronger. There’s nary a corner of the internet where they let their suffering go unnoticed. So, as the dark times come to a close, we salute the Sherlock fandom for turning their pain into the only true currency in this life: memes.

The line between reality and fiction gets a little blurry.

Show this to your pregnant friend. I dare you.

They find creative ways to pass the time.

And after Sherlock falls off the Jenga tower, they take turns reading post-“Reichenbach” John-POV fic to each other, holding back tears.

They have geeky in-jokes with their sister fandoms.

Come on, guys, buck up. Benedict Cumberbatch made eleventy billion movies for you during that break.

They threaten Steven Moffat.

He has to be used to it by now.

They take it to the streets.

Best worn with this and these.