Sherlock Returns from the Dead in the ‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Trailer

Sherlock lives!  

The BBC has released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Sherlock, which features the long-awaited return of the show’s eponymous sleuth, but it seems like Sherlock’s return isn’t a cause of celebration for everyone at 221B Baker Street. Apparently, the various characters of Stephen Moffat’s modern day retelling of the Sherlock Holmes stories have been waiting just as long as we have to figure out how Sherlock survived his sacrificial leap at the end of Season 2. A whole two years has passed by since Sherlock’s “death” and an angry looking and newly-mustachioed John Watson isn’t interested in how Sherlock did it (and that “how” better be pretty darn fantastic considering we’ve been waiting two years to find it out) but wants to know why he did it. Watson has moved on in his life, and it doesn’t look like he needs Sherlock’s brand of disruption mucking things up for him yet again.

Sherlock, Interactive TrailerWireWax/BBC

Besides all of the hoopla over Sherlock’s reappearance, the trailer teases an upcoming terrorist threat that’s set to hit London, and it’s up to Sherlock to save the city… which he’ll probably do by noticing the bread crumbs on someone’s jacket, or some dried mud on a shoe. Season 3 of Sherlock will premiere on January 19 on PBS.