‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Creators Ink A Deal With Style Network

You cackled watching the youtube vids. You chuckled “tee-hee” at the tweets. And now, you will get to giggle even more as Sh*t Girls Say take on the Style Network. Oh yes, it’s happening.

 The creators of the twitter-turned-web viral series Sh*t Girls Say,  Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, have inked a development deal with Style Media to bring the female fun-poking frenzy to the Style Network.

With almost 36 million views on their four-episode youtube series and a massive twitter following of almost 2 million, Sh*t Girls Say will delve into the realm of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on the Style Network. We’ll get to throw our heads back in laughter as Sheppard disguises himself as ‘The Girl’ in his flimsy brunette wig to utter all the ridiculousness we hear on a daily basis from like every female ever: “I hate this mirror.” “I’m almost ready.” “Wait, let me find a better photo.” Just to name a few. 

According to Deadline, Sheppard and Humphrey are teaming up with Style and StyleNetwork.com, both owned by NBCUniversal, with objective of “seeking to fuel their insatiable appetite for looking great and living stylishly.” Style’s SVP Original Programming and Development Sarah Weidmen gushed, “Even as she finds herself in outrageous comedic situation, ‘The Girl’ represents our core audience – a passionista who loves fashion and entertaining.”  

So grab your skinny girl margarita and favorite OPI nail polish to prep yourself for this decadently fabulous collaboration. 

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