Should Arnold Rothstein Bed Nucky Thompson’s Wife?

Boarwalk Empire, Arnold RothsteinHBO 

Nucky Thompson’s corrupt ways and lust for power has pushed his wife, Margaret, out of his life. Boardwalk Empire’s leading crime boss still cares for his wife and her family. Margaret (Kelly MacDonald) wants nothing to do with him. She doesn’t even tell Nucky where she works.

A new wrinkle was revealed in a recent episode, “William Wilson,” one that could have a major effect on Nucky: Arnold Rothstein and Margaret share a secret. The estranged Mrs. Thompson works in a Wall Street office. She helps her boss dupe men into questionable investments. It works until she encounters Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg), the New York boss who is a frequent business partner and sometimes thorn in the side of Nucky.

Neither one reveals the other’s true self. Rothstein, who in real life helped fix the 1919 World Series, rewards Margaret with $100 for her discretion.

What is Rothstein’s true intention? In future episodes, the juiciest result would be a hot affair with Nucky’s wife. Of all the big timers on this show, Rothstein is the least sexually charged. He’s a major player who never submits to the usual stable of mistresses and whores.

Get yours, Rothstein. This would enrage Nucky royally and give him leverage in all future business dealings.

Margaret is already underutilized; this would thrust her back into a leading role. These two characters should definitely hook up.

As far fetched as this sounds, it might as well happen. Boardwalk Empire features so many story lines, what’s one more affair?