12 Signs You Might Be Scarily Obsessed with Serial Killer Dramas

Still reeling from the finale of HBO’s The Jinx? This article is for you. You like your crime dramas (or in The Jinx‘s case, docu-drama) dark, preferably with a psychopath main character. Just call it a morbid fascination. Here are some signs you might be scarily obsessed.

1. You texted everyone you knew when you found out The Jinx’s Robert Durst was arrested IRL.



2. You had a crush on Dexter.


3. You prefer Jamie Dornan in The Fall to Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey.


Season 3 is happening! Woo!

4. You had dreams about solving the True Detective case with Matthew McConaughey.


5. You’ve actually defended one of these serial killer characters in conversation.


“But Dexter only kills bad guys!”

6. You continued to watch The Killing even when no one else was.


Yes, even the Netflix season.

7. You’ve wondered if someone you know might be a serial killer.


Hey, it’s possible right? 

8. You tell everyone you know to watch Hannibal.


9. When one of your shows is on hiatus, you read murder-themed books to supplement.


You know, light reads like American Psycho or In Cold Blood.

10. Sometimes you root against the cop characters.


Even though they’re technically the good guys. Sorry, Doakes.

11. You’re probably the only one in your friend group watching The Following.


12. You find teenage Norman Bates adorable.


Despite all the creepiness and mommy issues.

Unless you’ve secretly started plotting the perfect crime, all of these signs are fairly harmless. You’re not a psychopath. You just like watching them on TV. So embrace the darkness!

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