Simon Pegg Celebrates The Nerd Uprising: Late Last Night

If Simon Pegg is leading the nerd uprising, I’m so there. Especially when he says adorable things like “The Geek shall inherit the earth.” He stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to expose himself as the giant nerd he is, including the time he told Carrie Fisher about kissing her picture before going to bed. Am I the only who finds this adorable?

Super 8 fans don’t worry, Elle Fanning didn’t drive illegally in the movie. She was sitting on top of a lady who drove it for her. Yes, this is a true story. Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t seem to believe her either.

Finally, how can we not show you this video from last night’s Colbert Report, wherein Stephen Colbert really hands it to LeBron James. I’m not even going to say anything else besides dayum.