‘Sleepy Hollow’ Recap: Necromancer (Season 1, Episode 8)

Sleepy Hollow, recapBrownie Harris/FOX

Last week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow left viewers wondering if the worst was really over. Did Crane and Abbie really succeed in capturing the Headless Horseman once and for all? Well, apparently not. And a good thing too, otherwise wouldn’t that be the end of things?

Trouble Comes After The Fist-Bump

Shortly after celebrating their capture of the Headless one with a lesson in fist-bumping from Abbie, the two witnesses who had finally achieved what they couldn’t in the first seven episodes of the show were faced with another problem. Captain Irving (who has finally borne witness to the Horseman and is now on Team Crane & Abbie…Team Crabbie?) wanted to know how they would destroy him, and Abbie & Crane had to explain that the Horseman’s destruction is somewhat impossible. Instead, they could only seek to contain him in the masonic cell. But they also came up with a pretty brilliant idea to use the Horseman to get information about the many various other forms of creepy, Sleepy Hollow horror that might be headed their way. Unfortunately, this game plan involved the dead (or undead) officer Andy Brooks being used as a go-between. Anytime you have the dead communicating with the dead (hence, the episode’s title), things can often go awry (as they quickly discover).

Hell Hath No Fury Like Hessians & The Horseman

In this episode we also see the Captain teaming up with Abbie’s sister Jenny, who’s fresh out of the asylum. Jenny proves to be a major asset, and with a little sleuthing she’s able to determine that a group of Germans known as the Hessians planned to break the spell keeping the Horseman bound in the cell (what she didn’t know was that Brooks ended up having the means of breaking the spell planted inside his stomach). In the meantime, Crane is forced to face some serious personal demons when the Headless Horseman reveals that he is in possession of Katrina’s necklace. Flashback scenes showed us that Katrina was actually engaged to his best friend Abraham long before she married Crane, and we later learned that, after being dumped for Ichabod, Abraham is killed right in front of him. He sold his soul to come back as a Horseman, exact revenge on Crane, and trap Katrina in another realm.

Now that Crane has an understanding of his wife’s entrapment (she is, in fact, the Horseman’s weakness) we can expect him to make future attempts to free her, or at least contact her.

A Few Questions To Ponder Until Next Week:

What the heck were those dark, creepy, exploding glass-like monsters that Abbie & Jenny encountered? And where did they go with Brooks and Abraham?

Is there anything more horrifying than Brooks when he’s possessed by the Horseman (and pulling whole chains and medallions out of his stomach)?

Was there or was there not some light-to-heavy romantic tension betwixt the Captain and Jenny? If so…we’re into it.