‘Sleepy Hollow’ Recap: Crane Becomes A Father And Rue From ‘The Hunger Games’ Lives!

Sleepy Hollow, Abbie and CraneBrownie Harris/FOX

There’s nothing like a good haunted house story and last night FOX’s Sleepy Hollow delivered. Crane and Abbie found themselves looking for a missing socialite who, as it turned out, had inherited a property that Crane  visited in his former life with his wife Katrina. The episode opened with the socialite getting trapped in the house, where these creepy branches, dripping with blood, had seemingly come to life and captured her. When the case was brought to their attention, Crane explained that he and Katrina knew the original owner of the home, and that he was an abolitionist back in the day…but he also practiced witchcraft and was a part of Katrina’s coven. Yes, an abolitionist warlock —  only in Sleepy Hollow, America folks. Clearly, the fact that the case had come to Abbie and Crane was no coincidence and they headed out to the ginormous house to see what went down.

It’s Thanksgiving In Sleepy Hollow/Is That RUE From The Hunger Games?!

Officer Frank and Abbie’s newly-released-from-the-psych-ward sister Jenny continue to be kind of adorable/awkward, and in this episode we learned a little more about Frank’s personal life. Just after Jenny hands over the guns she stole from him (because she’s Jenny), she invites him to Thanksgiving dinner. The moment is made all the more awkward with the arrival of Frank’s estranged wife and daughter. Oh, and the adorable little girl chosen to play his daughter? None other than Amandla Stenberg AKA Rue from The Hunger Games. This was a very appropriate cameo, given this week’s release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and one more reason to keep tuning in to Sleepy Hollow (we’re seriously hoping this wasn’t just a one-time thing).

Surprise, Crane: You Are The Father

Crane and Abbie spent the majority of the episode inside the haunted house, with Crane’s flashbacks and Abbie’s visions providing clues about the strange going-ons. They managed to find the socialite, but remained stuck in this house with an evil, bloody, creepy tree monster (a Scarecrow, according to the credits) chasing after them. Finally, Abbie had a powerful vision that revealed that Katrina actually came back to the house without Crane to deliver – wait for it – their baby boy. There’s nothing like being told you are a father a couple of centuries after the fact, and Crane totally lost it when he realizes that the birth of his son coincided with the rise of this evil. He went after that creepy tree monster with all kinds of fatherly rage and emerged from the house victorious, and dripping in blood à la Patrick Bateman. It was pretty awesome…if not hot, depending on what you’re into.

Crane And Abbie Find One More Connection

Probably the coolest part of the episode (other than Rue’s appearance, obviously) was the closing scene. Abbie receives a package from the woman who’d inherited the property. She was grateful to be alive and sent thanks via some information about the property. This included a family tree of some of the residents of the home, including one Grace Dixon. Grace was the woman who had repeatedly come to Abbie in her visions. Looking at the family tree Abbie was shocked to find her own mother’s name, which not only connected her to the house, but to Crane as well. As a descendant of Grace, who had been the one to deliver Katrina’s baby, she realized that she and Crane were truly connected as witnesses: “My ancestor brought your son into this world.” BOOM! This show is getting practically Scandal-like with all these twists and turns. This is a good thing.

A Few Questions To Ponder Until Next Week:

Did Crane’s son survive the attack of evil, and if so, are his ancestors in Sleepy Hollow?

Are Frank and Jenny leaning towards becoming a thing (yes, we asked the same question last week, because this is an ongoing issue)?

 Can Rue AKA Macey please come back for the next episode, and all future episodes as well? Kthnxbye.