‘Smash’ Gets a Sexy New Man: Will He Be a Victim of the ‘Gossip Girl’ Effect?

jeremy jordanIt’s looking to be a big year for Jeremy Jordan. Not only has he earned an impressive Tony nod for his starring role in Newsies, but now he’s gearing up to smash his way into network television. TV Line reports that the rising Broadway star will be joining the second season of NBC’s musical drama, Smash, as a brand new series regular, where he will play a very sexy (and straight) Brooklyn-born singer with “a self-destructive streak.”

And with our sophisticated politician, Dev, completely out of the picture, someone’s going to need to fill the void in Karen’s devastated heart. Enter: Jordan’s character. A Brooklyn bad boy seems like just the sort of thing Karen would be looking for as an excuse to stray away from her former sweet and innocent ways. What better way to get over Dev than to find someone who is the exact opposite?

Plus, something (or rather someone) has got to come between the inevitable Derek-Karen coupling. Jordan would serve as the perfect obstacle to that romance (because, come on, this show isn’t exactly known for its happily-ever-afters). And now that former Gossip Girl writer, Josh Safran, has taken the reigns for Season 2, he’s bound to bring a few of his go-to character plotlines along with him — or as we like to call it: The Gossip Girl Effect.

For one thing, Safran has a knack for making his characters from Brooklyn pot-stirrers. Take Brooklyn native Dan Humphrey, for instance, who is often the center of numerous romantic conflicts throughout the series. And, of course, there was Brooklynite Vanessa, who delighted in nothing more than stirring up unnecessary trouble for the group (whether she meant to or not). Not to mention the fact that she was constantly lusting after everyone’s leftovers. Bad form, Miss Brooklyn.

Safran also integrated bad boy Brooklynite, Aaron Rose, into the plot for the sole purpose of creating a temporary roadblock between Serena and Dan’s relationship. So the fact that a Brooklyn guy is about to come into Karen’s life can only mean one thing: trouble.

But even in general, Safran always seems to like throwing mystery characters into the mix as a way to spice up the storyline. Jenny Humphrey has made an array of bad decisions when it comes to mysterious men. She even went so far as to aid Damien Dalgaard in his drug dealing operations because she liked his wild lifestyle. What’s to say Karen won’t do the same sort of thing? It’s a technique that’s worked for Safran time and time again, so it’s almost inevitable that we’ll be seeing it in Smash’s near future.

Not that we’re complaining… everyone loves a bad boy (especially if he can sing).

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