‘Smash’ Superlatives: The Most Outrageous Moments from ‘The Fringe’

Smash The Fringe

Smash is the musical drama that sparks a flurry of emotions in anyone who watches it. People either love it, hate it, or love to hate it. So to help celebrate all the outrageous, over-the-top, and fantastically farfetched moments, we present to you a weekly recap filled with the best Smash superlatives! What was the best cover song of the night? Who had the best verbal bitch-slap? What was the biggest Bombshell blunder? Read on for all the awards and take to the comments with your favorite moments from “The Fringe.”

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Best Original Song: On the second day of The Fringe, Karen is back where she belongs as the star of Hit List and she and Jimmy share a lovely original duet called, “Heart-Shaped Wreckage.” Derek is watching from the crowd and envisions the stage as it would truly be on Broadway, and it’s exactly the type of dark and emotional production that he wants to be apart of.

Best Cover Song: In the first truly happy moment we’ve seen from Jimmy, he hits The Fringe stage and breaks out into a fun version of “This Will Be Our Year,” complete with smiles, laughs, and a sultry slow dance with Karen.

Best Insult: When Karen ran into Ellis’ ex-girlfriend, the overly gaydar-challenged girl shared these gems about why she and the smoothie-poisoner broke up: “Turns out he was kind of a psychopath, and also gay.” Um duh?

Best Kiss: Jimmy and Karen locked lips onstage in Hit List, and even though it was all for the scene, we could practically feel the tension and electricity coming from our TV screens. Well actually we were just imagining us in Karen’s place…

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Best-Backhanded Compliment: Tom completely reworked the creative vision for “Never Give All The Heart,” and although it was brilliant, Derek looked at it as a slap in his cute face. “Well wasn’t that was lovely. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing here if my opinion no longer matters?”

Most Explanatory Quote: Once again it’s Karen’s roommate Ana who has been tasked with the lines to explain what’s going on to the viewers who are not familiar with Broadway vocabulary. When asked why The Fringe stage is so small, Ana so wisely reveals, “It’s the Fringe, you get two days in a shoebox. Sometimes it’s a disaster, but sometimes you break out.” Thank you again for that Ana!

Best Use of a Feather: Ivy shined in her press performance for her new play because she was not afraid to embrace her inner funny girl. In “A Letter From Cecile,” Ivy used a long plume feather to dazzle and delight the room while also bringing a smile to our faces. Brava lady!

Dumbest Line: This week’s dumbest line also happens to be our most realistic one, and surprise, surprise — Jimmy said it! When he was upset at the first Karen-less performance at The Fringe, Jimmy stormed out of the apartment snapping, “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go get high, and then I’m going to work.” Do your thing dude!

Best Daydream: Derek envisioning the beautiful stage upon “Heart-Shaped Wreckage” would be performed really brought life and spark into the horrible acting that Jimmy and Kyle infuse into the Hit List  storylines. Plus, the neon Pepsi-Cola sign in the background was very Moulin Rouge-esque.

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Best Verbal Bitchslap: Julia was already outraged because Eileen did not choose her version of Bombshell, but when the former-producer decided to take out “Never Give All The Heart” from the show, Julia threw verbal daggers: ““You just said Jerry’s right for the third time in the last week, have you lost your mind?!” Yep!

Most Predictable Surprise: After Derek leaves Bombshell, Eileen and Julia ask him to step up and be the new director. Meanwhile, when a well-placed theater scout enjoys Hit List and asks if they have a director, Derek swoops in out of nowhere and extends his hand. We’ve finally got our director switch-a-roo they’be been plotting for the past three episodes.

Most Awkward Moment: In the Season 2 premiere, we witnessed the world’s most awkward elevator snub when Karen shut Ivy out of the magical moving box. Now the girls shared the same elevator ride but it was filled with so many, “Oh my life is going great! My show is just perfect!” fibs and lies that it made for 30 truly awkward seconds.

Best Jab at Season 1: Back when Smash was first being talked about, NBC named all the names and then proudly announced, “Introducing Katharine McPhee!” That’s great and all, but America already knew the singer from a little reality show called American Idol and the handful of movies that she appeared in. Now Bombshell is taking a playful jab at Smash’s marketing ploy. Jerry told Karen that she was not about to perform with Hit List for one simple reason: “Bombshell’s entire marketing campaign is set around ‘Introducing Karen Cartwright.’ It only works if we’re actually introducing Karen Cartwright.”

Biggest Bombshell Blunder: Derek quit, Eileen chose the campy and flashy version of Bombshell over Julia’s artistic vision, Jerry is a dick, and Karen doesn’t even want to be there. There was a plethora of blunders for Bombshell this week!

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What did you think of “The Fringe”? Which superlatives would you like to add to the list> Sing your thoughts in the comments below!

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