Sneak Peak at Tonight’s ’30 Rock’ and ‘Parks and Rec’

Okay, I understand if a few hours is too long to wait until THE RETURN of Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock (as well as The Office and Community; aren’t Thursdays awesome?), but thank the TV gods because now we have a few little sneak peak tid-bits to whet our appetites without spoiling all the funny goodness that is sure to be in store at 8 p.m. Apparently Tracy’s wife makes things a little difficult for ol’ LL over on 30 Rock and we can look forward to awesome guests like Megan Mullally (Ron Swanson’s ex/librarian/succubus and the actor’s real life wife) and Parker Posey on this season of Parks and Rec. Enjoy, and we’ll see you tomorrow to recap all the jokes, antics, and WTF moments.