‘SNL’ Promo: Mick Jagger Scolds Kristen Wiig For Wasting Magic — VIDEO

Did you know the list of musicians who’ve hosted SNL includes Taylor Swift, Ludacris, Britney Spears, and Garth Brooks, yet it’s only now that Mick “freaking” Jagger (no relation to Ron “f**king” Swanson) is earning a spot on the roster? It blows your mind a bit, doesn’t it? Luckily, there’s no backing out now because he’s already filmed the promos for his hosting debut on May 19. (Everyone knows a 30-second gag reel with Kristen Wiig is a binding contract.)

The SNL season finale, which features a whopping three musical guests even though it’s already got a music legend as the host, is sure to see guest stars lining up around the Rockefeller Center complex in order to share just a smidgen of stage time with the Rolling Stones front man. (Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, I’m looking directly at you with my mind grapes.) 
Enjoy these 30 seconds of sheer ridiculousness, sure to be replicated in full on the finale of SNL’s 37th season. Finally, a statistic that makes me feel really, really young!

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