‘SNL’s’ Fred Armisen Helms New Show About Portland Hipsters

There once was a mystical time known as the 90s and Fred Armisen really hopes you remember it. His new show on IFC, called Portlandia, takes us back to the 90s in modern day Portland, Oregon, where no one ever grows up, tribal tattoos are the norm, and it’s okay to forgo actual ambition for a few measly shifts at a super awesome coffee shop each week. (Is he sure he’s not making a show about Brooklyn?)

At least Armisen isn’t just another dude complaining about hipsters; he’s actually doing something about it. That’s right, he’s looking to a channel beloved by hipsters, where he’ll bring episodes about hipsters being hipstery which will only lead to hipsters praising the show ad nauseam because it’s like, so ironic.

The sketch series stars Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (who used to play lead guitar in a prominent Portland band, so she’s kind of perfect for this) and premieres Jan. 21 on IFC. Check out the trailer below.

Source: EW