‘SNL’ Video: Maya Rudolph Introduces Her Latest Impression

This weekend, Up All Night star Maya Rudolph reunites with all her old Saturday Night Live cohorts and her onscreen bestie from Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig, when she hosts the NBC sketch show. The buzz this week surrounds the possibility of Rudolph reprising her Whitney Houston impression one last time, with many people worrying that doing so would simply be an untimely and potentially disrespectful move. Now, it seems Rudolph has found a solution: new impressions.

In the promos for the Feb. 18 episode, Rudolph offers up a few of her many solid impressions – many of which seem to depend on generic American cuisine. One can only hope Meatloaf lady will take a back seat to one of Rudolph’s more seasoned impressions. Perhaps the lead singer of Gemini’s Twin could make an appearance? Or how about Donatella Versace? Or maybe even Oprah? Then again, Rudolph could do a sketch about ground beef baked in a casserole pan with breadcrumbs and italian seasoning and most people would be willing to watch it, which is a round about way of saying her hosting debut should be an exciting one.

Maya Rudolph hosts SNL at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on Feb. 18.