Snooki Says She Will Marry Jionni: Late Last Night

Last night, Snooki stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her struggles as a “legal midget,” her secret crush on Jimmy (“aside from looks” and “age”), and to her announce her plans to marry her boyfriend, Jionni.


On The Late Show, Eddie Murphy discussed his plans for hosting the Academy Awards, and whether or not they’ll involve a Dreamgirls song-and-dance number.

Zach Galifianakis appeared on Conan (making one of the best talk show entrances I’ve seen in years) to talk about being a “gym rat,” to recollect on the first joke he ever told, and to perform his newest character: the Wrong Gesturing Guy. He also touched upon his pastime of searching for women in subway tunnels.  

Finally, also on Conan, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and Conan talked about their frightening encounter in New York City…until the interview is interrupted by a very needy Zach Galifianakis. Afterwards, Paul spoke about being pranked about written out of the show by costar Bryan Cranston, and dressing up as different Breaking Bad characters at the show’s wrap party, including Jane, who got a lot of interesting attention.