Snooki Teaches Leno and Howie Mandel Guidette Poses: Late Last Night

Last night, Snooki made a very Snooki appearance on The Tonight Show, talking about her fondness for tattoos and her fascination with Jay’s other guest Howie Mandel. She eventually embraced the mission of teaching Jay and Howie “Guidette poses,” which they all demonstrated.

Like Crazy star Felicity Jones stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss Cadbury’s “chocolate monopoly” in England. Eventually, they segue from talking about chocolate into talking about alcohol. And to top it all off: there’s juggling. So…you can’t really go wrong here.

Elijah Wood showed up on The Colbert Report to attempt to discuss Happy Feet Two—such as the extensive method training that went into preparing for his portrayal of Mumble the penguin—but was sidetracked by Stephen into having a conversation about Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit that eventually erupted into a swordfight.

Finally, Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott paid a visit to Conan to reminisce about the “low point” of his career (when the most devoted fan of a play he performed half-naked was a homeless man), his counterproductive method of acting like a jerk in auditions to get more parts, and his jealousy of his handsome/athletic/acting expert/chessmaster friend Jon Hamm.