Snoop Dogg Is Headlining a Family Sitcom

Snoop DoggSometimes, you have to stand back to appreciate the beauty in something. Maybe on the surface, Snoop Dogg producing and starring in a family sitcom isn’t any news to get in a heated thrill about. But it indicates something: a melding of worlds.

Often, interests and subcultures are inherently compartmentalized. Some would say that hip hop and family sitcoms are mutually exclusive. And that’s harmful. It creates a sense of alienation between the groups of people who enjoy these things. So it’s good that Snoop Dogg, who, while not exactly the most relevant person in the rap community anymore, will forever be more or less iconic, is continuing to broaden his horizons with this new project.

We can all enjoy the same things. Just because something is dissimilar from the brand someone has chosen to identify with, doesn’t mean they can’t be open to that thing, as well. Sure, fears of inconsistency, disloyalty, the like are palpable. But this simple act is representative of the possibility of an interconnectivity between communities. We can love things that people who are different from us love. It’s healthy, and it makes life more interesting.

Bravo, Snoop-a-loop.

Source: Vulture