‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Changes Elimination Protocol After Controversy

Credit: FOXSo You Think You Can Dance producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe has heard your outrage and responded to it. This past week, fans of the Fox dance competition show cried foul as a result of Season 10’s elimination format. Carlos Garland and Brittany Cherry were revealed to be in the Bottom 4 in the first few minutes of the broadcast then cut by the judges immediately after their “Dance For Your Life” solos. However, Garland and Cherry had to continue to dance throughout the episodes, since their respective partners hadn’t been eliminated — meaning that without any competitive incentive for them, Garland and Cherry weren’t as motivated to support their partners. It’s a structural flaw that could undermine the integrity of the entire show.

The problem began in Season 9 when Fox cut the SYTYCD results show, forcing the producers to combine the competition and results in one episode each week. Now Lythgoe has tweeted that, going forward, the judges’ final elimination of two contestants will not occur at the very beginning of the episode, but at the end, after the competitive dancing rounds.

Do you think the change will prevent the awkwardness we saw this week? Or is it just a Band-Aid for the bigger problem caused by eliminating the results show?

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