‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Tweets About Emmy Snub, Misspells

ALTNobody is more upset about Sons of Anarchy not receiving an Emmy nomination today than its creator, Kurt Sutter; it cost him a threesome.

He said as much on Twitter following the FX series’ snub at the hands of Emmy voters: “The worse part of not getting an emmy nod. katey [Sagal, his wife] promised me a threesome if she won. now i have to settle for me, her and the shaved bunny.”

The misspellings may have ended there, but the ranting sure didn’t. Sutter went on to blast Emmy voters: “Best part of not getting an emmy nod. now i don’t have to pretend i give a s**t about the profiteering douchebag academy … because you know if we were nominated i’d be all humble and blowing smoke up their asses. now i can stay true to myself and just be a d**k.”

And their age: “If my mom and dad were alive this emmy snub would kill them. that’s not true, they were too old to understand my show. just like the academy.”

And their age, part 2: “These two academy member walk into a bar. one orders a beer. then they both die because they’re so f**king old.”

And Glee: “f**k glee. hate those annoying, ‘please accept me for who i am’, singing brats. there, i said it. are you happy?”

So … he’s gotta be a shoo-in for a 2012 nom, right?

Source: TMZ