‘Sons of Anarchy’ Recap: Booster

Sons of Anarchy Episode 2S4E2: After exacting vengeance on the Russians and gaining control of their gun supply, the Sons of Anarchy are fixing to make some money, unfortunately there’s a lot of bad road between the money and the means to make it.

“This Irish gash is reaching across the Atlantic.”–Gemma to Clay

Beaten and weary–looking Clay wakes up and is still grateful to be home. Gemma lets Clay know about the letter she found in Abel’s coloring book. The letter, which was from Maureen Asbhy, the woman who John Teller started another family with in Ireland, in Gemma’s mind could turn her own son against her. Gemma goes foraging for the rest of the papers that Maureen sent so she can find out exactly what needs to be done about these new letters from the past. Gemma eventually finds the motherload–John’s death certificate, revealing that Wayne Unser is also somehow involved in John’s death. Never actually implicating Gemma and Clay in John’s murder but always hinting at it has been one of the show’s biggest plot threads since the first season and it is now seemingly back at the forefront, which could mean all hell is fixing to break loose.

“You run hard at these white trash barbarians.”–Mayor Jacob Hale

As Sheriff Eli Roosevelt and Agent Lincoln “Linc” Potter hypothesize who was behind the murder of the Russian gang member’s at the end of last week’s episode, Mayor Jacob Hale arrives on the scene. The crime scene is his own development property – Charming Heights, where four of the bodies were found. Hale has always been hell-bent on ridding Charming of the Sons and he is 100 percent positive that the 1 percenters are behind the crime.

Potter is slowly being introduced into the series and while he hasn’t done anything particularly noteworthy, he poses an impending threat to SAMCRO; it is a welcome addition to the show to have law enforcement that aren’t in the pocket of the club like Unser. While Mayor Hale’s deceased brother, Officer Hale, was supposed to be a threat because he grew up with Jax, he never actually seemed like one. Speaking of the new law in town, it’s too bad Officer Roosevelt probably signed his own death warrant when he took a fireman’s axe to the Son’s meeting room table and wall of members’ mug shots.

“The word has been put out; no one is to interfere in our new friendship.”–Romero “Romeo” Parada

Since they’ve come into more guns, in addition to their standing partnership with the IRA, the Sons make a new friend with the arrival of Romero “Romeo” Parada (Danny Trejo, as if this show didn’t need enough steely–eyed badasses running around, we welcome Mr. Machete himself), member of the Galingo Cartel. According to Clay, the Galingo Cartel are the only ones connected enough to keep the Russians off of SAMCRO’s back. While Jax doesn’t approve of Clay’s decision to begin running drugs for the cartel on top of the guns, he goes along with the plan on one condition: when Clay is out of the club, he lets Jax walk away. Jax tells Clay, “My out for your drugs.” At the church meeting, Clay and Jax make the case for partnering with the cartel to the rest of the club. Bobby Elvis has his reservations and makes them known to Clay; he might love Clay, but he loves the club more.

“I’m not quite sure who I’m talking to anymore.”–Opie to Jax

Opie and Jax have been the best of friends since they were little kids and have a love and respect for another that goes beyond the club. Opie has his reservations about the possible deal with the cartel, especially since if he goes away; he has his even more reservations about his new wife, Lila, being able to handle their three kids. Jax explains to Opie just how connected the cartel is and how safe the club will be. It turns out they’re definitely not as safe as Jax thought when the biker brothers get assaulted by members of the Russian gang; who are demanding their guns back from the club, holding Jax and Opie at gunpoint. Unfortunately for the Russians, the Sons’ new friend, Romeo, saves their skins, killing more Russians in the process. This ain’t no Cold War! It’s just heating up.

Sons of Anarchy Episode 2

Unfortunately as Bobby points out to Clay, Romeo and the cartel don’t know that the club still have to vote on running drugs for them or not. As an aside, it’s a real testament to the show’s unpredictability that even for a nanosecond it feels like Opie or Jax may not make it out of the Russian’s safe house alive.

“We’re engaged!”–Tara to the club

Returning to their broken clubhouse, the Sons look despondent over how they’re going to make repairs. Tara decides now is as good as time as any to announce she and Jax are engaged. The club is back in good spirits as they celebrate the news.

As the old saying goes and in the parlance of Shakespeare (whose Hamlet heavily influences the series), the plot doeth thicken. Old time members who love the club like Bobby and Piney are against the impending vote to traffic drugs; Tig is onboard and Opie is seemingly on the fence. I’d say because it’s TV that it’s obvious the Sons will vote yes on the deal. However in this series, anything can happen. They can vote yes and happily traffic drugs back and forth; or they can vote no and not only create a war with the cartel but a schism within their own ranks. Always lurking around is Gemma, who has yet to confront Tara about John’s letters to Maureen, but she will and will no doubt try to convince her soon–to–be daughter–in–law that they’re nothing to worry about.