‘Sons of Anarchy’ Recap: Dorylus

Sons of Anarchy FXS4E3: Last week on Sons of Anarchy, the Sons took revenge against the Russians and discussed drug-running for the Gallindo Cartel. Jax agreed to go along with Clay’s plan, so long as he’s allowed out of the club and the gavel goes to Opie when Jax and Clay exit. The engines are revved; it’s time for the Sons!

“That woman there, she makes Gemma look like Donna Reed”–Tig

The episode begins with Clay and Jax talking about the impending vote for the club to decide if they’re going to run drugs for the Gallindo Cartel or not. Jax thinks Tig, Happy, and Chibbs are in. Clay will try to and convince Bobby while Jax will continue to work on Opie. Tara comes into the room and Clay welcomes her to the family, now that she and Jax are engaged. Stepfather and stepson head to the warehouse that the club is building to house their wares, which is being built by Bobby, Tig, Juice, Opie, and Chibbs. Clay wants Bobby to run with him on an errand, and the President and club’s account head off.

Kozik, who is still in need of a first name (unless Kozik is some sort of nickname), is goaded into playing street basketball with some local thugs, but it’s all a ruse when they steal his car and the club’s gun suuply. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Jax at all, and he, Kozik, Chibbs, Tig, and Happy set off to find the thieves, which they do fairly quickly. The pursuit becomes a motorcycle-versus-car chase through Charming streets and the Sons are able to catch the boys with minimal effort. The hoodrats confess that they sold the guns to Vivica, a local trafficker of all kinds of stolen goods, who already told the club that she didn’t have the guns. Unfortunately for Vivica, her sons Luther and Vandross started up business on the side and they did buy the guns. Momma immediately demands that they give the guns back to the club.

“Let him know that you’re aware of his family tree and you’ll be in touch.”–Linc

Lincoln Potter briefs Sheriff Roosevelt on Romero “Romeo” Parada and that he’s now in business with the Sons. Roosevelt suggests that he picks up Juice on a parole violation, since he’s part owner of a Weed Shop. The cops bring Juice in a phony trumped up charge. Roosevelt explains that he can arrange for Juice to see his father, Michael Howard Cole, who he’s never met before. Interestingly enough, daddy’s black, which in Roosevelt’s opinion would be bad for Juice if the MC found out. “Probably make you scrape the tats and take off the patch.”

“It ain’t about getting rich, it’s about getting old”–Clay

Clay and Bobby have a heart-to-heart about why Clay needs his vote. Bobby has always been able to see through the B.S. and this situation is no different; he tells Clay flat-out that he knows running drugs is about Clay leaving and stuffing his pockets on his way out. What he doesn’t know is what Jax got out of the deal, which Clay then explains to him. Clay states that he’ll give Bobby the gavel on his way out of the club. These are dangerous duplicitous times for the club.

When they meet with Charlie, Clay assures him that they’re not making any more money with the cartel than they were with the Russians. Charlie says okay and heads off to start prepping the club’s order.

Gemma, at her wits end trying to find Maureen Ashby’s letters, finally just confronts her future daughter–in–law about them. Gemma confides in Tara about Maureen and her former husband, John, falling in love and how it “ripped me apart, spent months at a time in Belfast with her, and left me alone here with his sons.” Gemma says that wherever the letters lead (see: showing them to Jax) can only be bad for the family.

“You don’t tell me what we do.”–Clay

Piney, one of the club’s founders and dissenters of the cartel deal, lets Gemma know what her man is up to and pleads with her to talk some sense into him. Unfortunately for her, she is just an Old Lady and does not have as much say as she thinks. Clay emphatically tells her that she doesn’t get to tell him what they do. The club convenes to vote and the motion passes with Kozik’s vote, who Jax previously thought wouldn’t go along with it, due to former addictions. The naysayers were Happy, Bobby, Chibs, Juice, and Piney. As the club exits the office, Clay is left alone with Piney and flatly states, “if you ever try to go behind me through my wife again, I’ll kill you.”

What an hour. There wasn’t a lot of physical action, but instead we saw a whole lot of tension mounting within the club. They’ve voted on running drugs, but almost half of the club members are against the idea, and while they’ll help their brothers out, they’re not going to do it with smiles on their faces. How soon before everyone knows that Jax wants out of the club and wants Opie at the head of the table? How long will it before the club finds out Clay wants out and wants Bobby at the head of the table? Next week is the club’s first drug run, so it’s time to saddle up and ride!