‘Sons of Anarchy’ Recap: Kiss

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Recap: Kiss

Tara and Jax Sons of Anarchy Season 4S04E09: Did anyone dress up like a dead Piney for Halloween? After last week’s shocking ending, there’s no telling what Clay will do to maintain control of his club. With only two people left who can shed light on the club’s past – Unser because he was there and Tara because she has the letters – just how far will the Sons’ president go in silencing the past? Or will something else outside of the club interfere with the Sons doings this week?

“We voted it in, we play it out. You can’t get behind that, turn in your goddamn patch!” – Jax

Gallindo cartel general, Luis Torres, meets up with the Sons with some news that the Lobos are making alliances for their coke. After running through the possibilities, Jax, Clay, and Alvarez surmise that it’s the One-Niner street crew and their President, LeRoy. With the clubhouse at Teller–Morrow in shambles, the group meet up at a makeshift table and discuss the new wrinkle about the Niners hooking up with the Lobos. Bobby is more against the idea than ever; Jax asserts his role and demands Bobby get on board with this. With Torres and company as backup, the Sons meet with the Niners. Their president, LeRoy, explains that the Lobos came to them while the Sons while still in prison. They offered Nineteenth Street protection and manpower.

The Niners meet up with the Lobos per the Sons’ and Gallindo’s request. The trap is set and a firefight ensues between the rival cartels and the Sons. Unfortunately the Lobos get away, leaving a very pissed-off Torres ready to kill every member of the Niners. However, Jax convinces him that a better message to send is that LeRoy made a bad decision and changed his mind; now they Niners roll with Gallindo. This might have been the first scene in a long time where Jax asserts his leadership and pragmatic attitude. Afterwards, Torres tells Clay that the plan to handle the Sons’ doctor problem (ie: killing Tara) is in place and all Clay has to do is make a phone call. Once he does, it can’t be undone. At this point, it’s clear that paranoia is not leaving Clay’s mind anytime soon and as the reaper logo filled the screen at the end of last night’s show, the phone was a-ringing.

“Sons don’t kill themselves, club’s gonna vote him out.” – Jax

Now that Chibs knows that Juice tried to kill himself he confers with Jax on the matter. The veep explains that if the club finds out about Juice, they won’t trust his judgment. Chibs talks to Jax about his first kill in the IRA and how sick it made him felt. They leave things with Chibs will keep an eye on Juice before they say anything to the rest of the club. Jax leaves Juicey at the clubhouse to sweep for any kind of bugs that the police might have left. Roosevelt pays him a visit at the clubhouse and wants him to install disposable burners, which he declines and tells the sheriff he’s done.

Roosevelt explains this to Potter. Potter doesn’t seem too perturbed by this and explains his next way into the club; explain to Otto, who has endured more pain for the club than anyone, that even though Bobby told him that the club off’ed the guy who killed his wife, Georgie Caruso the porn king is still alive and well. Potter explains all of this to Otto, and the jailed Son wants to know just who Potter is. “I’m just a guy trying to balance the scales,” is Potter’s reply.

Clay Sons of Anarchy Season 4While the meeting between Otto and Potter is big, the meeting between Juice and Potter is a lot bigger. Juice is shown exactly how deep the investigation has gone and his initial reaction is a beat-down of the sheriff. Potter, still not wanting to get his hands dirty, stands up on a chair as if a little mouse ran through the room. Once cuffed and relaxed, Potter shows his hand to Juice. “I can bring you and the Mexicans without issue,” Potter says. He wants the Real IRA. Juice is tasked with finding out when the meeting between the Cartel and the IRA will take place. If he does that, Potter claims he will take RICO charges off the table, effectively saving SAMCRO and their charters worldwide from destruction. Juice always seemed like one of the smarter members, I’m not sure how he could fall for this, considering all of the B.S. that Agent Stahl fed the club over the years. Then agai, having your back against the wall between jail time and your club kicking you out because you’ve lied to them about your patronage could cloud a guy’s judgment. Quite frankly, the terrified look on Juice’s face says a lot more than I could explain.

“Goddamn it I told you, you stupid old man!” – Gemma

Gemma makes an early phone call to Piney, who is never going to pick up. She heads up to the cabin and finds the old bastard dead where Clay left him. Gemma is beside herself and breaks down crying, screaming at Piney’s dead body. Regaining her composure, she calls Unser up to the cabin. Unser warns Gemma that Clay is a wounded animal now who will take down anyone who gets in his way, including the mother of her grandchild. Unser is all for telling the sheriff about all of this and having Clay arrested. Gemma can’t bring herself to turn on the man she loves and admits that she knew about Clay killing John Teller all those years ago, because it would be the best thing for Charming. Unser agrees to help cover up Piney’s murder and help Gemma find the letters.

“I don’t know if Clay killed JT, all I know is that he brought me back to life.” – Gemma

Tara is heading up to the Neo-Natal conference in Oregon, but before she leaves, she gives her boss the envelope of letters, unfortunately she finds an envelope full of blank papers, and realizes that Gemma took the copies. Gemma and Tara meet up at the clubhouse and Tara explains why she didn’t show Jax the letters, because then he’d want to kill Clay and he’d delve deeper into the club. Later, Jax further elaborates to Gemma that Tara is taking the kids with her as well to get away from headless bodies.

“This club needs that, can’t lose you.” – Bobby

After congratulating him for how he handled the day’s event, Bobby lets Jackson know that he knows about the plan for he and Clay to jump ship after the cartel business is over and how Clay offered him the gavel. Bobby is one of the true believers in Jax’s destiny to lead this, no matter how much the vice president wants to change. Jax sits down with Clay and tells him that the club needs an exit strategy with the cartel – see an end date and get out. Without saying too much, Jax gives Tara the good news: that he’s heading up to Oregon with her and the boys.

“I love you Gemma, everything I do is for you.” – Clay

Like many a paranoid ruler, Clay lies to his queen. Gemma explains to Clay that she knows about Piney, but will do and say nothing; she knows why he did it and wants it all to end right now, with no harm coming to Tara and makes him promise as much. In a move right out of the Tony Soprano playbook, with one hand Clay caresses his wife and claims her will be done, but with the other hand, SAMCRO’s pres makes the phone call that will forever change the fate of not just the MC, but the dynamic of the entire show.

The tension just keeps mounting. I can’t wait to see just how guilty Chibs is going to feel for vouching for Juice, who is unwittingly betraying his biker bros. The meeting between the IRA and the Gallindo cartel is set. The order on Tara’s life is given. Jax is sure to declare war on anyone he finds out is responsible. Heck, Opie still doesn’t even know about Piney, and if he finds out, he might be the one to kill Clay. The train has been a bit shaky these past few weeks, next week it heads right off the rails.