‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Out

fall_back.jpgSons of Anarchy Season 4

It’s been fourteen months since most of the Sons of Anarchy were sent to jail. The group reunites outside the walls of Stockton Prison and bid prison life adieu. Now they’re out, and Charming is a different world. How will the motorcycle club regain their foothold on the town? After taking out all of their enemies in one fell swoop before heading to the big house, what new threats will arise for the group this season? Start your engines, here we go!

“Charming is now under the command of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department”–Eli Roosevelt.

They’re out less than ten minutes and the group is already targeted by new character, officer Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar from Prison Break), who tells the club that Charming, the town they’ve run roughshod on for over forty years is now under the jurisdiction of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department, and that one of the conditions of their parole is they’re not allowed to wear gang colors, which includes their cuts. Club president, Clay tries to tell the good officer that they’re a club not a gang, but he isn’t buying it. The Sons quickly show the San Joaquin PD that they’d be hard to catch when they’re on their bikes. The group boxes in a police car, and the officer thinks it’d be a good idea to try and run one of the Sons off the road, which doesn’t sit well with Sheriff Roosevelt, because the club could sue if they want.

Roosevelt is introduced to Lincoln Potter, Assistant U.S. Attorney. After making Roosevelt sign a confidentiality agreement, Potter shows him the case he’s been building against SAMCRO, as well as Russians and the IRA Kings who have been supplying the crew with guns, the ADA is hoping to build a RICO case against the club and have an agent deep undercover with the Russians. Roosevelt happily accepts Potter’s invitation to help with the case.

“I don’t know how many winters I have left”–Clay

Clay and Gemma have a conversation about just how much Clay will be able to earn dealing guns for the Russians (seven figures). The power couple also discusses helping former chief Wayne Unser out. Unser had been an ally to the club in the past, most importantly helping the club exact revenge on ATF Agent Stahl and IRA soldier Jimmy O’Fallon during last season’s finale. Most importantly, Gemma questions Clay about his growing arthritis because if he can’t ride, he can’t lead the club.

“They’re building homes in this town that no one in this town can afford!”–Clay

Not all of the Sons went away at the end of last season. Opie, Piney, Chibs, Kozik, and several prospects have kept the club going while the rest of their biker brothers were serving time. While it is a happy reunion for everyone at the clubhouse, as they arrive back into town the Sons see a sign for the upcoming, high–scale Charming Heights housing development, which in Clay’s mind spells the end of business as usual in Charming – unless they can stop it. Clay goes to visit Unser and asks him for help in stopping Mayor Hale, who has been pushing for this new community for five years now.

“I vow to treat you as you good my leather and ride you as much as my Harley”–Opie

Opie’s marriage to former porn-star Lila is part celebration of the club being in full force again, part celebration of the nuptials, and part cover-up for the Russians showing the MC the new sets of guns. The club picks up a slew of AKs to sell on the black market. Considering the Russians had Jax stabbed in prison, the business transaction isn’t going to last for long as the club turns the tables on their would-be business partners and kills all of them, including the undercover agent. The Sons have all the guns.

“I’m done with SAMCRO.”–Jax

Tara has been wrestling with showing Jax the letters that his dead father, John, wrote to his mistress in Ireland that all but implicate Jax’s mom and stepfather in John’s death; but club co–founder Piney pleads with her to keep the past buried for her own sake and her family’s. She can’t stand the thought of their sons, Thomas and Abel, having to grow up in the world of motorcycle madness. Jax knows it too stating, “the bond that holds the club together isn’t about love and brotherhood anymore…it’s just fear and greed now.” While proposing to her, the couple have a poignant discussion over how Jax will get out of the club. Unfortunately, Jax is only an OK mechanic with a GED who’s only been good at being an outlaw. Jax explains that with Clay’s hands going he’ll have to step down and he’ll lose power leaving an opening for Jax to leave. As for Gemma, at the end of the day she’s just an old lady who doesn’t get a say in the matter. Jax pledges that when this happens, he and Tara will take their sons and make a new life for themselves.

Did you enjoy the season premiere? Are you pumped up for what looks like another bad–ass season? Are you ready for Danny Trejo (no machete) to do battle with the Sons?