Spoiler Alert: Is ‘Glee’s’ Ashley Fink Calling It Quits?

Ashley Fink Glee Lauren ZizesIf you like surprises in your television, turn back now, because this, folks, is a bit of a SPOILER. According to TVLine, Glee’s Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) will see her onscreen time reduced drastically after the season premiere. Word has it that the sometimes abrasive character will (here comes the spoiler!) will quit New Directions and dump dear Puckerman (Mark Salling). All that Season 2 wooing, down the drain; poor Puckerman.

Fink did grab a lot of attention last season thanks to her romance with Puck, her interactions with the rest of the glee club, and her solo of “I Know What Boys Like,” but when she quits both of her major relationships, she’ll have few ties to the show’s central plot. Does this mean she’ll go back to being that girl who occasionally chimes in from the McKinley hallway? Sources say…nothing conclusive at all. Her story may come in and out of the plot like many other supporting characters, but ultimately, with the show looking for a more centralized plot this season as well as trying incorporate four Glee Project winners and two new cast members, writers are likely trying to trim out as much of the accessory plots from Season 2 as possible.

While Lauren and Puck always managed to nab a little of the spotlight, their story wasn’t exactly the most compelling of the season. Perhaps this is just a move to help center the series and bring it back to that Season One feeling after Season Two went a bit off the rails.

Will you be sad to see Luck or Pizes or whatever the kids are calling the couple these days head their separate ways? Will you miss seeing Lauren spread her specific brand of sass throughout the glee club?

Source: TVLine

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