27 Stars You Totally Forgot Were On ‘Gilmore Girls’

Jon Hamm
Gilmore Girls, Jon Hamm, Lauren Graham
The CW
Before he ever even set foot inside Sterling Cooper, Jon Hamm showed us some of his very best Don Draper smooth moves in this Gilmore Girls episode where he flirts with Lorelai at an auction. While their relationship didn't really pan out (he ended up being a dud, and Emily was majorly involved, so needless to say it was disastrous), their auction flirting still makes us swoon.
Max Greenfield
Gilmore Girls, Jared Padalecki, Max Greenfield
The CW
It's SCHMIDT! We totally freaked out after we rewatched Gilmore Girls and realized that the New Girl star was one of Dean's best friends at his bachelor party. Here we see Greenfield's Stars Hollow character, Lucas, drunkenly tried to start a 'Luke' club with Luke.
Jane Lynch
Gilmore Girls, Jane Lynch
The CW
While everyone knows her now, thanks to her turn as Sue Sylvester on Glee, there was a time when Jane Lynch wasn't as familiar of a face. Lynch is actually the perfect person for this small season one role: she's the nurse who has to face a distraught Emily Gilmore when Richard is brought to the hospital. Needless to say, such a nurse would have to be able to endure a great deal of verbal abuse without really being phased by it. Enter a pitch-perfect Lynch.
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Madeleine Albright
Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel, Madeleine Albright
The CW
"I just had a dream that Madeleine Albright was my mother." And so begins one of the biggest guest appearances ever on the show. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had been asked if she would mind someone else playing her on the show, and since she was a fan of Gilmore Girls, she said she would mind very much before requesting to play herself.
Krysten Ritter
Gilmore Girls, Krysten Ritter
The CW
Ritter, who Breaking Bad fans recognize as Jane, played one of Rory's friends at Yale who was also dating Marty (until she dumped him); she and her roommate moved to New York and got an apartment together at the end of the series, where, presumably, Ritter became known as the titular character from Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23.
Nick Offerman
Gilmore Girls, Nick Offerman
The CW
IT'S RON SWANSON! Offerman made two different appearances in Stars Hollow as Beau Belleville, Jackson's older brother (and Sookie's brother-in-law). His first time around, Beau took off from work to help Sookie and Jackson prepare for the birth of their son, Davey. His second visit to the Hollow was for the baptisms of Sookie's children; the episode featured Beau staying at the Dragonfly and acting as godfather to Jackson during his baptism.
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Chauncey Leopardi
Gilmore Girls, Jared Padalecki, Chauncey Leopardi
The CW
We're willing to bet you NEVER realized that Squints from The Sandlot was on Gilmore Girls, but he was! Leopardi played Stars Hollow High student (and friend of Dean's), Kyle. Kyle threw the party where Dean and Jess fought, which subsequently caused Jess leaving (and breaking up with Rory), and his own departure to the Navy. He returned for Dean's bachelor party, and Dean also moved in with him after his marriage to Lindsay fails (which is when we learn that Kyle has lost his hand in the Navy, and now he finds that his hook-hand is super helpful for meeting women).
Billy Burke
Lauren Graham, Billy Burke, Gilmore Girls
The CW
Billy Burke may have won all of our hearts over as Twilight's Charlie Swan, but before that, he was just a guy in the Stars Hollow area who was looking to open a coffee shop and date Lorelai. He takes advantage of his business partner (and Sookie's old friend) catching up with Sookie to flirt with Lorelai, getting her to agree to a date with him. He seemed pretty much perfect to Gilmore Girls fans: he took Lorelai on dates to taste different coffees, she learned how to fish for him (and he sensed she didn't like it, so he took her to the spa), and they even made the most of a boring theatre experience. At some point, Lorelai stopped mentioning him and it's unclear when and why their relationship ended. While it was all for the best, we really thought Burke's character Alex could have been the one for her.
Danny Pudi
Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel, Liza Weil, Danny Pudi
The CW
Since Community didn't start until Gilmore Girls was over, we had never noticed Abed lurking around the Yale Daily News office until we rewatched the series on Netflix. Pudi is a REALLY small character named Raj, a member of the newspaper staff, who appears during season 7's Paris meltdown (you know, the one where she created a bunker in the newspaper office...). He's clearly seen (very quickly) kind of creeping on Rory as she introduces Lorelai and Christopher to the news staff.
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Victoria Justice
Gilmore Girls, Victoria Justice
The CW
This Nickelodeon superstar's very first acting credit is her role on Gilmore Girls. She played a young girl who is less than pleased with the sophisticated menu Sookie prepared for a children's Lord of the Rings-themed birthday party (hence those Legolas ears).
Melora Hardin
Gilmore Girls, David Sutcliffe, Melora Hardin
The CW
Not everyone could survive a Friday night dinner AND a surprise set-up by Emily Gilmore, but Melora Hardin isn't like most people. Hardin, who is known for her roles on MonkThe Office, and Amazon's smash hit Transparent, appeared as Carolyn Bates, a woman whom Emily thought would be perfect for Christopher. She held her own in the episode though, memorably using her skills as a psychologist to interpret Lorelai's dreams, field questions about phobias, and even shed some insight into The Sopranos.
Alex Borstein
Gilmore Girls, Alex Borstein
The CW
Borstein is easily recognizable for most Gilmore Girls fans. The voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy was originally cast as Sookie St. James on the series, but because of her contract with MADtv, she wasn't able to continue in the role (and thus Melissa McCarthy was cast and we still have tons of amazing Ms. Swan clips, so it seems everyone won). She first appeared as harpist Drella at the inn where Lorelai and Sookie work, and later appeared several times as the eccentric stylist Miss Celine.
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Norman Mailer
Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy, Norman Mailer
The CW
Norman Mailer's appearance on the show still doesn't make much sense to us (it's so random, yet so incredible). We're incredibly thankful for his inclusion though -- it gave us an excellent episode title ("Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant"), as well as one of the most Sookie St. James moments in the entire run of the series ("Norman Mailer, I'm pregnant!").
Seth MacFarlane
Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham, Seth MacFarlane
The CW
The man behind Family Guy and Ted has actually appeared as more than one character on Gilmore Girls, just like his Family Guy co-star! The Family Guy connections make sense since creator Amy Sherman Palladino's husband, Daniel, is a producer for the animated hit. MacFarlane shows up as a fellow graduate of Lorelai's from business school, and he's actually kind of a jerk to her. His voice can also be heard in a season 3 episode where he plays Emily Gilmore's lawyer.
Paul Anka
Gilmore Girls, Paul Anka
The CW
Paul Anka's legendary appearance as himself on Gilmore Girls is easily the most Gilmore moment of the show. The episode begins with Lorelai calling Rory to recap a weird dream she had and as she describes the dream, we see it acted out. Example: Lorelai takes Paul Anka for a walk (Paul Anka, the human), but then he sees a cat and runs away (Paul Anka, the dog), so she follows him into Doose's Market, where apparently he has a job ("Dog Paul Anka?" "The REAL Paul Anka."). When she leaves Doose's to find Luke, she spots Paul Anka (the dog), in front of a microphone, giving a concert, spots the real Paul Anka sitting on Babette's lap. The dream (and his epic appearance) ends with a Paul Anka vs. Paul Anka showdown on the streets of Stars Hollow.
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Madeline Zima
The CW
After her time on The Nanny (but before throwing the punch that set the plot of Californication in motion), Zima made an appearance on Gilmore Girls as one of Rory and Paris' classmates who is woken up in the middle of the night by Francie for initiation into Chilton's secret sorority, The Puffs.
Scout Taylor-Compton
Gilmore Girls, Scout Taylor Compton
The CW
Before starring as Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's Halloween movies, Scout Taylor-Compton appeared in a few episodes of Gilmore Girls as Dean's little sister, Clara.
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Gilmore Girls, Sean Gunn, Mary Lynn Rajskab
The CW
24's Chloe O'Brian is another star who made more than one appearance on Gilmore Girls! Her first appearance was in the season two episode where Kirk screens the film he made. Rajskub plays Kirk's girlfriend in the art film, and it's pretty unforgettable. She later shows up in the season six episode where the town becomes overrun with troubadours after the town troubadour leaves for a gig with Neil Young. She plays a troubadour, naturally.
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Brenda Strong
Gilmore Girls, Brenda Strong
The CW
Before playing Mary Alice Young and narrating all of Desperate Housewives, Strong was on Gilmore Girls as one of the Chilton mothers Lorelai was so fond of organizing events with. Strong appears as Eva, a member of the booster club at Chilton who organizes a mother-daughter fashion show at Lorelai's inn (only after Chilton's headmaster suggested the Gilmore ladies improve their social skills).
Arielle Kebbel
Gilmore Girls, Arielle Kebbel
The CW
Kebbel gained fame for her role as the put-together over-achiever in John Tucker Must Die, but Gilmore Girls fans remember her in a way that's probably not as fond. She played Lindsay on the show, the girl who Dean dates and is mean to Rory (totally jealous, understandable), and who eventually becomes his unpleasant wife. Luckily for Dean, their marriage didn't really work out.
Bryce Johnson
Bryce Johnson, Gilmore Girls
The CW
Johnson - who you might recognize from his role as Detective Darren Wilden from Pretty Little Liars - played a young classmate of Lorelai's who asks her out after being charmed by her ability to get burritos out of vending machines with correct change (seriously, how does she land these men? Can we be her?). Once Lorelai realizes how significant their age difference is, she lets Johnson go... but she still had to suffer through Luke's teasing.
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Christiane Amanpour
Gilmore Girls, Christiane Amanpour, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham
The CW
We had been hearing about Rory's obsession for CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour throughout the entire series, so it was only fitting for Rory to meet her idol in the Gilmore Girls series finale. The memorable scene features Rory fan-girling over the journalist in her pajamas; needless to say, it's a flawless Gilmore moment.
Matt Jones
Gilmore Girls, Matt Jones
The CW
While he doesn't really speak much (besides to cheer as various objects are deep fried at Sookie's Thanksgiving), we would recognize Badger from Breaking Bad anywhere. Underneath that impressive fro and behind that vat of boiling oil is Jesse Pinkman's friend, waiting for his big break.
Rob Estes
Gilmore Girls, Rob Estes
The CW
The star of Melrose Place (and the dad from 90210) appeared in the episode "Here Comes The Son" as Jess' father. The episode itself served as a backdoor pilot to a potential Jess spin-off, featuring Jess traveling to California to reconnect with his father and figure out his life. It was an overall lackluster episode, which would explain why it never became a series. It was still nice to see this familiar face pop up on the West Coast.
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Mädchen Amick
Gilmore Girls, Madchen Amick
The CW
There probably aren't too many fans of Sherry out there (the woman who broke up Lorelai and Christopher, had a baby, then left Christopher and her baby to move to Paris doesn't deserve much love), it's worth noting that Amick achieved fame in the 90s for her role as waitress Shelly Johnson on Twin Peaks.
Riki Lindhome
Gilmore Girls, Riki Lindhome
The CW
You may recognize Lindhome from IFC's Garfunkel and Oates and Comedy Central's Another Period, but years ago, she played Juliet on Gilmore Girls. Juliet hung around with Logan's crowd and was known to make snide comments about Rory's ability to eat like a Gilmore.
Carole King
Gilmore Girls, Carole King
The CW
The legendary Carole King not only sings the impossible-not-to-sing-along-to theme song for Gilmore Girls (with her daughter Louise Goffin), she guest starred on it too. Appropriately enough, King plays Sophie Bloom, who owns the music store where Lane falls in love with her first pair of drums.

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