Stephen Colbert on ‘The Office’ Causes Increase in A Cappella Jokes


Stephen Colbert The Office

The final season of The Office is almost here and it looks like NBC is pulling out all the stops. Dunder Mifflin boss Ed Helms will be reuniting with another one of his former Daily Show colleagues later this season. Get excited, guys, because Stephen Colbert is coming to Scranton and he’s stirring up some treble.

EW first reported that Colbert will be joining The Office shenanigans as Broccoli Rob, a former member of Andy’s Cornell’s a cappella group “Here Comes Treble.” While many fans have heard references to Andy’s frenemy throughout the past few seasons, this will be the first time we’ve seen the two singers come face to face. Thank you TV Gods!

The Colbert Report host is set to appear in this season’s Halloween episode, and we have a feeling that the party planning committee is not going to be prepared for this sure-to-be intense reunion. In the ninth episode, Andy learns that Broccoli Rob has been talking (or should we say singing?) smack and telling lies about the group’s musical past. We have a feeling they’re going to be battling it out, a cappella style and our money is definitely on Andy.

The ninth and final season of The Office premieres tonight at 9 PM on NBC.

Are you excited to see Colbert on the show? Sound off (in harmony!) in the comments!

[Photo Credit: Comedy Central]


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