Stephen Colbert Surprises Jimmy Fallon: Late Last Night

Stephen Colbert surprised Jimmy Fallon on Late Night with a huge announcement: if you (the viewers) donate 26,000 dollars to Colbert’s favorite charity, Colbert will perform Rebecca Black’s “Friday” with The Roots, on Friday, on television. Awesome, right? Oh, and just so you know, “Friday” is that one song that goes “Friday, Friday… Gotta get down on Friday!” And it’s now in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

Danny McBride chatted with David Letterman about shooting Your Highness and how he was kept up at night by the club across the street. So, in order to get sleep at night, he did the logical thing and threw eggs at the drunk people.

Russell Brand talked with Jay Leno about the key to marriage: just say you’re sorry. Doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong or whatever, just say you’re sorry. Boom, fixed. Thanks, Russell!

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Conan and talked about how friendly they are to each other. Apparently, it’s because Conan carries that damn desk and microphone around wherever he goes.